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NetCall for SIPNET - Save on Calls to Cities and Countries

To download NetCall select the following:

  1. For mobile phones based on Android operating system
  2. For iPhones
  3. For Windows Phone 7
  4. For modern mobile phones (recommended).
    This option is suitable for most of mobile phones. If your phone doesn’t support this application, use the second version of the installation.
  5. For mobile phones without the support of certificate
    Option for mobile phones having problems with installing certificated application.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need constant access to the Internet while talking?
Permanent Internet access is not required. If GPRS request unavailable, the program will automatically send it via SMS.
Can I use NetCall on a business trip or vacation to save on roaming?
Sure! All you need to do is to get a local SIM-card, install it into the phone and activate it in SIPNET. Then you can call from the roaming zone at low prices via SIPNET.
’ve heard about the program Sippoint which allows to make cheap phone calls via the Internet. Can I automatically export all contacts from my mobile phone into the Personal SIPNET Account and Sippoint?
Yes. To do so, just use Export. In future you will be able to call from the Personal SIPNET Account or from the Sippoint Internet phone.
I could not install the software on my phone. Can I make a call sending SMS manually?
Yes. To do so, you can use the service